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Why Join

There are two main reasons why we started LodgeYou:

1. We want to provide all accommodation providers in a country, from the smallest bed and breakfast to the largest hotels, an elaborate online profile that is easy to maintain so lodgings are able to keep their content up-to-date themselves; and

2. Because not all lodging providers can [or want to] accommodate or afford the requirements that some online booking sites demand, we want to provide lodgings an online platform with complete freedom whether to handle bookings themselves or use their selected third parties for that process.

Now that social media and independent review sites get more and more important in the decision making process of potential customers in buying a product or booking a room, it is clear that incorrect or out of date information on the internet can have substantial negative impact on your business.
It is now necessary to have a properly indexed online profile you can manage yourself and directly refer clients to. However, it is probably even more important to increase your chances of being found in search engines.

LodgeYou is a lodging search engine where you, as an accommodation provider, can fully control your own content and the contact/booking options you provide to potential visitors at a fixed fee.

You stay in charge of your business! We do not interfere with the booking process when initiated through LodgeYou. You deal directly with your potential customer.

Show your customers exactly what they get so you are living up to their expectations resulting in more positive reviews and increased sales.

Our service levels

Any accommodation provider with a property in a country serviced by LodgeYou can have that property's image, address, phone, fax and internet-URL listed for free. LodgeYou will list you in search results but subscribers will be listed first.

To get a complete profile with your own pictures, room descriptions and facilities that will be listed above non-subscribers in search results we have the following options:
- 1 year subscription to LodgeYou € 250,-
- 2 year subscription to LodgeYou € 450,- (save 10%)
- 3 year subscription to LodgeYou € 600,- (save 20%)

LodgeYou subscriptions are products provided by LogicWize FZE, a company based in Fujairah, UAE. Prices are therefore as listed, since the UAE does not have VAT. A subscription includes 1 hour of our local representatives well trained staff to instruct, you or one of your staff, how to set up and maintain the profile. For this an appointment has to be made with our local representative and you need to have pictures of your accommodation available in .jpg format sized 900 pixels wide by 675 pixels high.

* In line with our Terms and Conditions.

More info

LodgeYou aims at listing as many accommodations as possible in a country so you, our visitor, have all the choices available.

If you would like to have more information about LodgeYou or if you have suggestions for our site, please contact us.

Accommodation Owners

Are you, as an accommodation owner, interested in LodgeYou then click here to learn more about the possibilities.

If you already obtained your login details, manage your content through the LodgeYou Manager here.